Running Late

There's a fine line between running too late to stop for coffee and running so late dine-in Starbucks for everyone.

I tripled jumped the line.
Ridiculous things you find yourself doing when you're exceptionally late:

1. Teaching your children the difference between a mitten and glove.

2. Compromising on whether she can wear a ballet flat and a sequined boot if they're both the same color and their mates have mysteriously disappeared.

3. Pulling over the car because the four-year-old becomes distressingly convinced his private part is missing.

4. Interrogating your child to see if you can uncover suitable bribery for her teacher.

5. Googling both natural relief for eyelash pain and hypochondria in preschoolers.

6. Facebooking so you don't yell at the tiny humans.

7. High-fiving parents that pull up to the school later than you.

8. Taking quiet satisfaction in the lack of school zones because you're just that late..

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