The sun has set over our small country neighborhood, calling in a surprise chill breeze, reminding us we're still knee deep in the mild Texas winter.

We spent the last few hours digging into our soft flower beds - planting seeds of curiosity and unearthing insects and wonder at the hidden life God has created. Our energy was used to jump rope in rhythm to rhymes I learned in my own childhood. "Cinderella dressed in yella.."

Lessons in double-dutch and spotting poison ivy sparked giggles and crinkled brows. We stared up into the sky inspecting birds' nests and stretching our arms towards the seemingly translucent moon - dreaming of flying ourselves.

In these moments of quiet contentment I shed the dogged worries and persistent insecurities which garner too much of my mental energy.

I bask in the simplicity of an unplugged evening meeting my children's thirst for love and attention. Today, I was enough. My fumbling answers and limited knowledge temporarily satisfied their probing questions. Absorbing and enjoying the warmth of the sun and speaking kindly to every neighbor that passed served as a full to-do list.

I wish every afternoon could be so unhurried, cherished.

I thank God for the stillness of today amidst a life that sometimes seems a relentless hurricane of car problems, medical bills, dreams deferred, and hanging on for dear life.

Today I was sweetly lured back to trusting and resting in my creator.


New neighbors unloading a truck two houses down - introduced myself and Blue. We're sitting outside with their kiddos. They're from Atlanta and happy to be escaping last week's cold and snow. The kids are mostly happy they aren't enrolled in school yet. Their accents remind me of my father's family from Alabama. Maybe also because the women are all over six feet tall.

The house actually belongs to their elderly mother who always stops
to say hello and runs an in home daycare, but she moved to Houston to care for her daughter whose husband passed away a few weeks ago.

What rare community to stumble across in this age.

I always enjoyed seeing the tiny African-American woman walking to the park with toddlers of every color. She was a gentle momma with her ducklings.

I keep working on getting to know my neighbors on my street. Hard to follow Jesus's command to love them when I don't know them.

Hope you all get to sit outside for a bit today. It's a beautiful day in Dallas.

Valentine's Day

Last night I was tossing and turning in pain and insomnia from an arsenal of asthma meds.

I cried out to God in my distress. It's so frustrating to need rest and not be able to sleep. I remember hot swollen tears rolling down my face.

I rolled onto my stomach and then I heard my tiny curled hair Sofie tiptoe into the room.

"I just got up to get a drink of water and God reminded me when I was a baby I used to bring you so much comfort when we napped together. I am going to sit by your bed for a little bit."

I felt her cool hand across my forehead and the next thing I remember is waking up to my alarm four hours later.

This Valentine's Day I was reminded of the greatest love of all - God's love. He sees our pain and he cares.

And I am deeply grateful for the sweetest most precious loving gift God has ever given me - my daughter. I never intended to be a mother, but she is a daily reminder to me that God knows what is best for me far far better than I could ever hope to know.

Happy Valentine's Day!