Someone Bombed the Boston Marathon

Someone Bombed the Boston Marathon -
a poem for my friends who run
by deedee roe

I’d barely taken off my mourning clothes
for the children our nation lost in December
when I heard the news -

Someone bombed the Boston Marathon.

Even in my desperate grief I couldn’t help, but think

You bombed the wrong people.

We run for our mothers and brothers and friends.
We run for remission and cures.
We run for remembrance and celebration.
We run AGAINst cancer.
We run to raise money and awareness.
We run to show our inner fight.

We run from handicaps and we run WITH handicaps.
We run despite and throughout.
We run hot and cold,
blistered and bloody,
lonely and fatigued,
worried and stressed,
together and alone.

We run to shed our grief,
each mile jogging the depression,
losing the weight, and dropping the baggage.

We run undeterred by hardship and difficulty.
We run out of excuses and we.just.keep.running.

We run to declare new life[styles].
We run in defiance of of death.

We run to give blood to broken bodies.

We run into the shrapnel and smoke to drag out the hurting.

We run as an exercise to show that we can take our bodies
from point A to point B
by the strength of our minds and these fragile vessels.

If someone thought they could make us cower and whimper and stay home,
if they thought they could strike us down with terror,
whoever thought that hatred and evil could overcome our spirit -
You bombed the wrong people.

For we will carry our wounded on our backs
and our dead in our hearts
and we will run on from this place forward
without your terror
your fear
or your hatred.

You have detonated our determination.
You have exploded the exercise of our freedom.
You have unified us.

For despite your evil
tomorrow we will lace ourselves with resolve
and we will run.