thankful day five


[to be thankful]







for the one who wanted to know me - so he created me.


for the one who drew me as a child - sweetly wooing me.


for the one who followed me into the darkest night - light and truth - and refused to leave me.


for the one who knows me despite my confusion.


for the one who sees my insecurity and claims me as His own.

grafted in.

for the one who hears my cry, my anguish.


for the one that never lies and never fails and rebukes the loneliness.


for the one who has prepared a place for me - eternal.


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thankful day four

I am thankful for the many friends I've met and maintained over the internet.

Some I have been blessed to meet in person, and the rest I hope to.

Don't underestimate your friendship just because you can't make grand gestures or weekly dates.

A listening ear, compassion, and a soft answer have often talked me down from the precipice of fuming anger or picked me up from a pit of sadness.


have tickled my funny bone, warmed my heart, spurred me on in the faith, helped me to parent, and influenced my life in countless ways.

I weep when you weep and rejoice when you rejoice. Sometimes I even correct your grammar..

God has richly blessed my life with the dearest friends.

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thankful day three

soft curls tickling across my face

strawberry chapstick

happy giggles

warm snuggles

I'm thankful for the sweetest alarm clock in the whole world.

love you my sofie.


thankful day two

Day 2! I am thankful for my teeth. My self-control needs all the help it can get to bite my tongue. ;) :) :D

thankful day one

I awoke this morning in excruciating pain from the inflammation of my sinuses and lungs. The pressure behind my eyes and ears bearing down against my self-control, and yet it's November 1st.

Our family traditionally counts down to Thanksgiving making a list of all the blessings in our life at the start of November. Most are fun or silly. A few reflective.


It's hard to dig deep when pain has dulled my thinking, weakened my resolve, and each breath takes frustrating effort.

Today I am thankful for the pain.

It drives me to God.

No food or medicine, doctor or naturopath - nothing has been able to bring an end to the burning, spiking, dull, throbbing, steadfast pains and weakness associated with this disease.

Instead, I have to look past this life.

I have to focus on the Hope of heaven.

My pain and disease remind me that we live in a sin cursed world. With each wheezy breath I am reminded of the shallow choices we make in a life lived without God.

To Him I surrender my pain, my will, and ultimately my hope.