Takes One to Know One

How to tell your child is bossy: she randomly approaches you, and asks "How did God get to be everybody's boss?" You reply "He always has been, and always will be." To herself "We'll just see about that..."

How to tell she gets it from you: you go to Target to do a return. As you approach the counter she parrots "I'm sure you're a very nice person and want to be competent, but I need to see your manager. RIGHT MOMMY?"

Maybe I will be a better influence on the second one..

December Update

A few random things to share.

The other day M brought home his paycheck from Apple, and came in the door saying "I bringeth home the bacon." About 30 minutes later I served everyone spaghetti for dinner. Sofie said "Oh I'm just having the bacon daddy brought home." I tried to explain to Sofie it was just a saying/joke. She responded "Mommy, we don't joke about bacon." Understood..

Blue takes everything we hand him and passes it to his left hand, or as M says "the correct hand." We may have another South Paw in the family.

M is turning 31 Monday. No fear. No trembling. Just pride. Oh to be a man for a day. :)

Both kids like to jump on, off, and climb everything in my poor abused house. :) I've noticed that Sofie always jumps feet first, and Blue always jumps head first. Let's see how this pans out as they age.

Blue has learned many new words this last month. Some favorites: hand, duck, hop, go. He also has two go to sentences: "I wanna go home" and "What did I do?" This leads to much laughing from M and I. :)

Yesterday at Target Sofie introduced herself to a little girl who looked to be about 3. "My name is Sofie. I'm 4. That's bigger than you. This is my brother Andrew. He's cute with curly hair like mine. I have to tell people he has curly hair because he got it cut, and now you can't see the curls. My momma cried after it got cut. I'm not allowed to talk about butts. What's your name?" And the other girl looks at her mom and says (with a mildly shocked look) "Do I tell that my name is Sophie or that I am not allowed to shake my butt?"


I can't believe 2010 is slipping away so quickly. There is still so much I want to file under this year. I need to learn to make (eggless) sugar cookies with the kids so I can pass along that tradition, make Christmas dinner, mail out my Christmas cards, clean my car (yes that happens about once a year), see family, wrap presents, and those sorts of things.

I don't know if I will post again before 2010 runs out. I don't really know what to say about this year, except that I am glad I lived through it. I am looking forward to 2011.

I am expecting God to heal me.

I am expecting to grow in my faith.

I am expecting to minister God's love and teach His word.

I expect to start homeschooling Sofie in January.

I am expecting to teach Andrew his colors, animals, body parts, and good manners.

I am expecting to dazzle M with my listening skills and a mouth full of blessings.

Pray for me.

I will continue to pray for you all.

Merry Christmas. Happy Birthday Jesus.

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