The Costumes

This is Sofie's handmade mermaid costume she requested. It had to be purple with green thingies, and only a tail. I hope she appreciates my bending over backwards for her all the time! She will one day right? Please tell me I'm right.. Can you believe Marie got this shot in one take?! Where is that cute smile when I have the camera?!

The cutest little bumble bee. :) He kept falling over in the basket, but I still love the pic. Best part, we got these pics in two 5x7s for a small donation of 4 canned goods. Happy.

Love to you all, Deeds


Wendy Kwok said...

Oh my goodness... you made that mermaid tail... so so talented! She will appreciate mommy when she grows up! You are a good mommy!
And date at Target... I love Target. I used to stay in USA... and that is my fav store... miss it so much!

marissa said...

oh my gosh they are so stinking cute!