October Photos :)

She's in a purple phase.
Doing the chicken dance.
When scarves attack.
Momma and Blue
He makes this face a lot.
This is the why is Daddy holding me face. He tries to lure me back over with his big BROWN eyes.
Our contortionist
M is so handsome - sigh. :)

She moved all these pumpkins away from the photo opp. so Mommy could create her own. My busy little helper. :)

This is our favorite picture of her because it's how we always see her - in motion.

Laughing at Mommy

The fake smile is still with us.
Guess we need to work on sitting like a young lady.

Love that nose.

Her pick of the patch.

Love to you all. I am headed to sleep!



Jessica said...

I'm sure you're well aware, but Sofie is incredibly beautiful!

Blue is getting so big--these are such lovely pictures of your family, Deeds!

Vivian said...

Oh - great pictures! I love the ones of Sofie twirling with the scarf. And your little blue is one very handsome infant. :)

Sheila said...

I can't pick just one picture if Sofie I just love them all!
Blueis growing. Think how much fun that trip will be next year!