Keeping Company

What am I doing up at 2:30 am you ask?

Spending time with this fat rascal.
He has been awake since 10 pm, and is going strong. Grrr. Mommy is very tired, and trying not to have thoughts about leaving him in a basket on one of your doorsteps. ;)

So while he is awake, and determined to scream if I so much as look away I thought I'd post a few pictures. Please excuse my recent lack of blogging, and the haphazard fashion I will be presenting these pics. :)

Even though it's not a flattering picture of me - I like it! You can tell he looks like me. Heehee. Notice he has my chin, nose, lips, and eyes. He does have Daddy's creamy skin and brow, but who's keeping score?

The big sister with her super curly hair on the way to family game night.
Playing in the backyard after the rain. This is the big fake smile that drives me nuts. I am a mean Momma because I tell her I won't take her picture unless she smiles nice.
I tried getting her to say different words so she wouldn't CHEESE, but she over-thought it.
She's still the most beautiful girl in the world.

***Baby is yawning. I'm out of here. More pics when I have a moment to myself. Well. Hmm. I can't find that asterisk again so blah. Good night!

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Terry Oulboub said...

*Laughing* Dee Dee, I had to laugh when I came to your blog on your recent post. It reminded me when I had the twins and I couldn't get one to sleep. I was cracking up at "fat rascal" because that's exactly what I'd had on my mind when Andrew kept me up at 2 am - I was like, I wish this fat rascal would take his butt to sleep - no, you're not eating anything else - no more're big enough. Oh Lord, you have me reminiscing memories from 25 years ago! Anyway, your baby is so adorable and cute (not fat) and your little girl (sigh) a sweet little princess! Thank you for your comments on my blog - it is always so nice when you visit! :p I love this blog (and the other one) - you have a beautiful family. You seem to have so much fun and joy; I love seeing that!