Family Nights 9.13 and 20

This week for family night we decided to take a trip to Central Market. It's a big trip for us. 5 diaper changes, a couple Sofie breakdowns, and one parental headache later we brought home our goods. :)

Fresh Guac for Mommy
Nutella and Rice Cakes for Daddy
Frank, Fido, and Sofie pumpkins :)
Cookies and The Jungle Book before bed.
It took M and Sofie about 30 minutes to fall asleep, and Mommy and blue about 4 hours. Sigh.
Sofie LOVED picking out her own pumpkins, but she had decidedly expensive taste we had to maneuver around.
This is the "food" Sofie and I cooked at the park on Monday. Happily I didn't have to taste anything.
Sigh. This is what I look like all the time lately. I need to find a new hair dresser, but switching is so traumatic.
She's in a superhero phase.
She wanted me to catch her from about 7 feet in the air. HA!
Love her big dark eyes.
The fake smile.
Blue slept through the park in his stroller.
This is from family night on the 13th. :) Isn't he handsome? Oooh lala.
Daddy reading to our growing book worm.
Me and my babies laying in front of the fire.
The baby currently known as Fat Rascal.

The video has to be viewed on the blog. It's Andrew giggling at M. :)

We love you all. Thanks for continuing to pray for us. Please add prayer for what to do about M's car which bit the dust.



JnA said...

I can't get over how adorable your family is!
And nutella is soo good!! :D

Jessica said...

Sofie is soooo soooo sooo pretty! And Andrew giggling was super cute. You have such a lovely little family :)

Sheila said...

Sofie is in the sme phase as James. So mush fun and so scarey for mom! baby giggles are so sweet. Thanks for the video of it. I'm in the same hair boat as you. Mine hasn't looked good in 20/5 onths now. :'(

Vivian said...

What can I say? You guys make me smile that goofy little smile you do when you think no one is watching. Keep up the fantastic job, mamacita!