Family Night August 23rd

You win some. You lose some. Last night's family night was a bit rough, but I am glad we made the effort. I love all of you high-maintenance, strong-willed, stubborn rascals.

Strong-willed and High-Maintenance (look a lot like Stubborn and Bossy)
Stubborn :D

Mom & Chris - don't you think she looks like Christian here?
This is his hair brushed straight. Heehee
I love you all, Bossy


Sheila said...

Family night? Isn't that everynight? What a cute buch of boats you all are. : )

Jessica said...

♥ the pictures--looks like you guys have a boatload of fun!

JnA said...

awww your family is too cute!! I love the little monster onsie it's adorable!