Craft Time

Sofie and I have been having daily craft time during Andrew's nap now that Daddy is back at work. It's a little hard for me to let her create messes, but I'm making an effort. :)

Happy Camper
She loves squeezing the glue.
Sofie and Momma
Polka Dots :)

She was a little mad that I wouldn't let her add random beans to my page, and she didn't want me making her beans into anything more specific. I could tell that she really thought I should do it her way. She's as stubborn and bossy as her Momma. :)


Sheila said...

How cute! and what a good mama you are. I'm too lazy to craft with mine.

gardeningmom said...

you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength. Look at us DeeDee, God does amazing things with us when we have turned our wills over to Him. Why would he do any less for our children? God would not give us children without empowering us to raise them alongside Him. Love you and your whole family.