August 16th

Sunday night means it is family night again. I am determined to keep making it happen. It shouldn't be so hard to coordinate a family of four. :) I'd appreciate any tips to making it fun for everyone if you have them.

This first picture is for Sofie. She loves to look at the pictures of her toys on the blog. We played My Little Ponies and the Mantis. That's what the green bug is in the middle. ;)

This is Blue in his new onesie. Michael could not resist it at the store. It says "Daddy is my super hero." I am happy to report that Sofie says the shirt should say Momma. :D

This is Miss Curly hair showing off her big cheesy smile.

Blue sitting up in his BeBe Pod trying to be a part of family night.

That' the Daddy pony.

Me and my girl.

Wow, we're all looking in the same general direction. It's a miracle. :)

In other news, I am going in for more tests this week. Please continue to pray for my health. I am feeling a little run-down, but hopeful about getting better.

Michael goes back to work tomorrow. We are praying that he has interested learners, his new classroom is sufficiently equipped, their full pay is restored, and that the transition to teaching all subjects goes smoothly.

Sofie's eczema and allergies have been flared up for a couple of weeks. We are praying they will settle down with the seasons changing because she needs to restart her immunizations, but we can't do that with the flares.

She started the three-year-old class at Sunday School today and it went really well. There will be more focus on memorizing scriptures and spiritual songs so I am excited about that. I have been picking small verses to work with her on at home, and she is an excited learner.

Blue is doing great. He has been sleeping better at night, albeit in my bed. I didn't want to co-sleep with him, but I right now sleep is too precious to be picky. He seems to be growing on schedule, and hasn't had any complications from the steroids I am on. I am concerned that my milk supply has been lower so pray for that. I don't want to put him on formula.

What else? :) We are really trying to be more focused on expressing our faith at home. Please pray for us as we try to establish good habits in that area.

We love you all, and hope to see some of you soon!

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Sheila said...

DeeDee, I am praying that all your requests are answered and sooner rather than later for you and your family.