Taking A Moment

Things are so busy right now adjusting to two kids, but I wanted to jot down some thoughts while I have a spare moment - between the 1 am feeding and 2 am diaper-change-athon. :) I'm sorry some of this will be jumbled, but I just wanted to put it in writing before I forget.

My sweet Sofie, it has been pure delight playing with you these last three weeks. I have sorely missed having the energy to keep up with all your creative play. We’ve raced through circle time (your own blend of tag, hide-n-go-seek, and gymnastics), styled and named my little ponies and baby dolls, cooked together with varying degrees of success, danced our tails off, and played every silly little game you can come up with to capture my attention. I am so unworthy of your generous devotion, and yet - it thrills me.

Your burgeoning brilliance, amazing athleticism, and tender compassion tighten my heart with pride. I continue to be amused and confounded by your strong will so like my own. Today when Daddy was correcting your behavior, you announced “I don’t want to hear your lessons.” I was torn between laughter and frustration. Every day you are a little more obedient, and yet always finding new ways to be naughty. I suppose it is this age, and yet Daddy and I know too much of it was written into your genetic code. I take this opportunity to apologize for passing on my sassiness. ;)

This has been a big month for our family. 3 weeks ago your little brother was born. He is tiny and loud and demanding of our time and attention, and yet you have handled the transition to a family of four with such grace and charm. At home, you help with diaper changes and feeding time. You brush his hair and tickle his toes. I can tell you’re a little disappointed with his entertainment value, but you are as sweet a sister as any boy could hope for. In public, you eagerly strike up conversations with everyone about your new brother. You like to share his name and age, and proudly declare that “he drinks milk right from Mommy’s big boobies.” I am merely thankful that men do not typically stop for conversation with us. ;)

You are blossoming into a lovely preschooler. Only weeks ago you seemed so tiny and fragile, and now I am recognizing signs of your growing up all around me. I hope this time we have together before you start school doesn’t go too fast. I hope I can resist the pull to be busy. I want to sop up your affection and pour into you all my love and direction. You remain my sweet baby girl.

My dearest Andrew, welcome to the family. Having just written about your sister, I must say what everyone else has noticed - you look so much like her. (I know, I know. I am second-born, and I can already imagine the cringing you’ll do when you hear yourself compared her.)

Between midnight feedings, diaper changes, and fussy moments you and I spend a lot of time studying each other. I’ve noticed that your dark hair isn’t truly black. It’s more a sweet chocolate brown that promises to lighten when hit by the sun. You have big curious eyes that have yet to decide whether they will be green or brown. I suspect they will settle on a rich hazel color, but I tease your Daddy about how dominant my features are in passing them onto our children.

Your golden eyelashes and brows barely show against your creamy pink skin. They remind me of your Daddy, and the countless nights I’ve studied his golden features as he sleeps. I am so glad we decided to name you after him, and I can only hope you will be like him in spirit.

You have my nose dotted with tiny white spots that will eventually fade. They are an adorable reminder of how new you are. I will miss them dearly when they’re gone.

Everyone notices your big hands. They tell me you’ll be an athlete. I think of you growing into those hands, and I am a little saddened to think of a time you’ll be too big for me to cradle against my chest and comfort with my presence. For now, I smile when one of your chubby hands reaches out to clasp my fingers. I send streams of love from my heart to yours through that touch.

I am eager to know your personality. For now, you’re a quiet little soul. You don’t spend much time fussing, and you smile often. I am amazed how opposite my children can be.

Sofie liked to nurse with her eyes closed until the moment she fell asleep. She demanded milk, and trusted that it would be there the instant she closed her eyes or squawked.

You are so different.

You nurse with your eyes wide open and a concerned look on your brow. It’s as if you know that there is competition for my time. I’ll admit there have already been moments when I’ve had to juggle your needs with your sister’s. It’s stressful business trying to decide which of you needs me most in a moment. I hope you’ll both forgive me if I choose wrong.

I’ve noticed you’re easily frustrated when trying to latch or fall asleep, but I am patient with your struggle. I tell you what a smart boy you are, remind you not to panic, and stroke your hair until you calm down. One day I’ll have to teach you to be patient with yourself.

Your wakeful hours are a highlight in my day. You coo the silliest baby noises. You grunt like a grown man. You scrunch and stretch your face into the most adorable looks. You listen intently to my voice, and take comfort in it. You’re happy to be in my arms, calmly staring as I stroke your little toes.

Yours is a world of softness. As a baby, your sister liked to be without clothes snuggling skin to skin with Mama or Daddy. You’d rather be snuggled up in a warm outfit, with thick socks, and a fluffy blanket. To my complete dismay, I can’t get you to sleep in your bassinet because you prefer the memory foam on my bed. I wouldn’t dare call you spoiled, but you sure do like to get your way about that.

I delight in you. I prayed and prayed for a baby that wouldn't give me a hard time, and now that you're here I hardly know what to do with your easy going spirit. Mostly, I hold you close and kiss your head. I hold you out, and wonder. I wonder how someone as strong-willed as I am will raise such a quiet boy to be himself. I wonder how you will stand up to your bossy sister. I wonder what your interests will be. I wonder how you will affect the rest of us. I cry because you make me so happy.

I am so looking forward to watching you both grow this next year. Every day you both seem a little different. I struggle to capture an image of what you’re like right now, as your spirits are like flowing water. I love you both. Let Mama sleep tonight. ;)

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Sheila said...

Wow, no wonder you are not getting enough sleep! You spend your time writing beautiful words about your children. : )
I'm sure, like myself, you will find Andrew will stand toe to toe with Sofie and all too soon. Those lloks he gives you, he's trying out the ones that will work best to wrap you around his little finger. Remeber he's your boy while Sofie is daddy's girl. : D