March Update in Pictures

I just wanted to send a quick update of all the pictures I didn't get to post this last month. Hope you likey. 

This is from yesterday. The hair is a *bit* wild when she wakes up.. along with the rest of her. 
Her lovely sticthes - ouch! :S She ran into the living room and cracked her chin open on the coffee table. Watching her get stitches was one of the worst moments of my life. 

Painting a rainbow with Mommy. 
Trip to the aquarium a couple of weeks ago. Her favorite part was the stamping station. She stamped every square at every station with no regard for the whining children in line behind her.
Please take our badbutt Mr. Shark. 

Michael feeding the seagulls in Galveston. See how the one is hovering a foot from his face? 
They could catch the bread in the air. 
Or try to take it from his hands. Heehee, I locked him out of the car when he tried to run back into it screaming. 
View out our hotel window. 
The other direction was a really nice restaurant we couldn't afford. Yay for IHOP. ;)
Sofie chillaxin' in Mommy's shades. 
Just like a puppy! 
My sweet family at the harbor. 
Me and Little Boy Blue at 24 weeks. 
I'm pretty sure feeding the birds from our window was my favorite part as I slept 95% of the weekend away. 
We could see the cruise ships pulling up. If only we could have sneaked on one! :)

I totally look like my Mom here. Well, you know minus the baby bump. 

I have something to tell you Mommy. 

"My icee sploded everywhere."

Some flowers from the hubby - just because. The best kind I say. 

Blowing bubbles with Mommy and Daddy. 

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Love to you all, Dee 2


Monika said...

She is adorable... I love her crazy hair. Reminds me of London's . You guys look great!!

Sheila said...

DeeDee, the vacation pics look like so much fun. I love th evideo. James acts the same way but I have a baby in my other arm or in the stroller while trying to drag him. lol