April Wedding Shower

My friend Elizabeth and I threw a wedding shower for our friend Hope and her fiance Mykle today. It turned out so nice, and we all laughed the afternoon away.

Here are the few pics from my camera, and some videos for the bride-to-be to view. If anyone else who went to the shower would like me to post their pics just email me. :) I didn't get any of the gifts or myself.

The yummy cupcakes made by Sheri Bray. Sadly, I didn't get pics of them at the shower. These are two leftovers right before Michael and I had a melty snack. :) 

The cupcake boxes made to look like party favors. :) 
Mmm, if only everyone knew those were cupcakes hiding in there. :) 
The funny and beautiful Michelle Hames. :) 

The groom's parents. :) They were hysterical, and I loved their stories about Mykle when he was younger. 
The scones that Ebeth and I slaved over... okay really Ebeth. I just grated butter. They were moist and delicious. 
Gourmet sandwiches from Central Market. If only Ebeth would have gone along with pretending we made them ourselves. The accolades we would have enjoyed. 
Mrs. Valerie Austin and Mrs. Carolyn Griffith who kicked everyone's tails in the Texan Purse Scavenger Hunt. They brought out the terribly competitive side in all my friends. Tsk tsk. ;)
Faith dumping her purse out on the floor in a desperate attempt to take down the Mom purses. She had a purse like mary Poppins! 
Sweet bride and groom sharing a moment on the couch. :) 
A quick smile. 
Back to work. 

Reading cards during the gift opening was much more eventful than I could have imagined. Don't forget to read every word Miss Hope! 
Aren't they a lovely couple? 
A double wedding with low budget dresses. Notice Miss China on the right. 
This was so much fun, and really brought out the bridezilla in all of them!! 

I've also uploaded two videos to youtube for you to watch. They aren't the best quality, but you can catch some funny moments. Please excuse all my giggling into the mic. :) 

This first video is of the bride and groom opening their gifts.

The second video is a bashful couple reading advice for newlyweds. :)

Love to you all, Dee Dee

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