We're Over the Moon!

I am so excited - it's a BOY. I have been on a cloud all day, and you can probably imagine the goofy look Michael has been wearing.

The FIRST thing we saw when the tech scrolled over my tummy was the sac, and then definitely outside plumbing.

I was laying on the table just bawling about getting my little boy. I KNOW he's going to be Momma's boy, and I have every intention of spoiling him rotten and reminding him no girl is good enough for him.

He measured one day ahead of his due date so right on target for size, and everything checked out healthy and present.

He is already nothing like his sister. Every ultrasound she had, she'd kick at the light and spin away. He just stared at us the whole time, and happily chewed his cord. He was laying sideways, and rubbing his head back and forth. It was amazing to be able to feel that and see it at the same time.

We stopped on the way home from the hospital, and Michael bought him a stuffed lion and a blankie. I guess I need to start depleting my stash of pink baby clothes, pink car seat, pink stroller, and then there's the purple...

We have been playing around with our three name choices all day, and I feel really good about them. I think we may just take them with us to the hospital and decide after we get a good look at him.