An Update After my Appointment

Thank you for all the prayers this week. I went to the doctor today, and it was a good appointment.

This is a bit TMI for some, but so many of you have been asking that I thought I'd do one big note.

I did not end up having to do a chest x-ray or CT scan which brought me so much relief. My oxygen levels were improved, low blood pressure was better, the kidney infection is cleared, the baby's fluid levels are normal again, the sinus infection seems to be "responding" to antibiotics, and I am coughing up less and less blood. I continue to be dehydrated, but I was given a couple rounds of IV fluids, and I am feeling much improved. 

The sinus/ear infection hasn't eased up, but the color seems to be getting clearer, and the doctor thought this was encouraging. So I am starting a new round of a different antibiotic tomorrow. It was described to me as "stronger than we'd normally put a pregnant woman on, but this is a calculated risk we need to take." I am a little discouraged about that, but I am thankful to be breathing without fear that my next breath won't be enough. 

In ten days (give or take a weekend) I'll be re-evaluated, and if the infection is still gripping me I will be seeing a new ENT that deals with pregnant patients and go from there. 

As for Thumper, I got to hear the heartbeat and have an ultrasound today. Before we began the U/S technician told me not to ask her about the gender because she would not be guessing or informing me today. I almost broke down and begged as I watched her smile during her scans. Does that mean boy? Could it be a girl? Ooooooooooh I just can't tell. What I do know is Thumper's home seems to be a safer and more healthy place this week, and I owe that solely to the only God, my Father, who hears my cry. 

We scheduled the gender ultrasound for February 18th, and I have to shyly admit I have started to hope it's a boy. I would so love to have a baby Michael, but I'll be equally happy if this turns out to be a bosom friend for my Sofie. 

Please continue to pray for me as I go through this next round of antibiotics - for peace of mind for Michael and I, a strong faith, a healed body, and a healthy baby. 

Love to you all, Dee Dee and Thumper whose heart beats at a steady rate of 158. 


Jessica said...

Yay for a safer home for Thumper this week. Still praying for you, D2.

cubmom said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better...sadly, I had no idea the difficulties you were going through. My prayers go out to you, Thumper, Sofie and Michael.