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1. If I did not sense God's divine and specific plan for my life, I *think* I would be content to spend my days arranging flowers at a small florist shop in a big city, or rusticating in a musty used book store in the middle of nowhere.

2. I prefer a used copy of a book to a new one. I feel a strong connection to strangers when I see a passage underlined, or a question mark in a margin. I would dearly love to have an old Bible that has been marked, commented in, cried over, and pondered about as thoroughly as my own.

2. I have journaled at least once a week since I started the second grade. The day I brought my daughter home from the hospital I burned 18 years worth of diaries. I finally acknowledged some things are better left in the past.

3. People typically love me or hate me without bandying about in between. Since a very young age, I have found myself able to love even the most unlovely person.

4. It annoys me when people tell me to be optimistic as if it is some cosmic force affecting my situation. Spare me. I am content to acknowledge reality as it is, and to find comfort in my God and the Hope of Heaven.

5. I worry that finding balance prevents achieving greatness.

6. I wish I could have flowers in my house more often. They create a sense of feminism, romance, and connection to nature that I cannot otherwise replace.

7. Since becoming a mother, I find that few things really embarrass or surprise me much. Then my daughter announces the lady sitting next to her has an ENORMOUS BOOTY to a room full of people, and I find myself experiencing both.

8. My favorite character in Little Women has always been Beth. I would rather die young, loved, and sweet in spirit than loud, brash, and conflicted. Can Jo ever become Beth?

9. I find so few people want to hear my testimony. They would rather I wade about in filth with them, than share in the redeeming cleansing Peace and Hope I have experienced. It truly baffles me.

10. I would rather read than eat, sleep, or breathe.

11. When I read a book, I cover every word from the publication page to the afterward. I'm often lost in pondering a forward or dedication for hours before I can fully enter the story.

12. Sundays used to be my favorite day of the week because it was the only day we got the newspaper. I would start with the comics (certainly where I picked up my keen sense of the humor in life), and then pour over every page wondering at this scary and exciting world that we live in. I would mourn with the obituaries and rage with political editorials as best my prepubescent mind could understand. I genuinely have no idea what this says about me.

13. I'd like to see the word blackmail changed to whitemail as in - threatening to bring substantially true info to light unless demands are met.

14. I have never been good at cutting with scissors.

15. I am rarely persuaded by others passion or argument. I often wonder if this reflects more on me as the receiver or others.

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