A Quick Update

I don't have much time to write. Here are three recent pics.

Papa playing outback with the grandkids.

The Michaels Roe at midnight.
Sofie at the park. :) Yes, the fake smile is still with us.

Please pray for my health and energy. I am worn out.

Love to you all, Dee Dee

The Costumes

This is Sofie's handmade mermaid costume she requested. It had to be purple with green thingies, and only a tail. I hope she appreciates my bending over backwards for her all the time! She will one day right? Please tell me I'm right.. Can you believe Marie got this shot in one take?! Where is that cute smile when I have the camera?!

The cutest little bumble bee. :) He kept falling over in the basket, but I still love the pic. Best part, we got these pics in two 5x7s for a small donation of 4 canned goods. Happy.

Love to you all, Deeds

Target Family Night

One of our favorite things to do as a family is peruse the local Target. It's a cheap date anyway. :) Here are some pics from a recent family night trip.

Purple glasses and scarves, want to guess who picked out the wardrobe? Please don't ask why Sofie is sticking her hip so far out. We have no idea what they teach her at that church! ;)
I like the hat M. You should buy it.
A little big for her head still.
Sofie picked out mine. I think she pictures me as her Jamaican mother. ;)
Ahh, back to normal. :)

Sorry Blue is stuck sideways inside his carseat. Still a handsome fat rascal. :)

Blue is almost asleep so that's it for tonight. Love you all, Dee Dee

October Photos :)

She's in a purple phase.
Doing the chicken dance.
When scarves attack.
Momma and Blue
He makes this face a lot.
This is the why is Daddy holding me face. He tries to lure me back over with his big BROWN eyes.
Our contortionist
M is so handsome - sigh. :)

She moved all these pumpkins away from the photo opp. so Mommy could create her own. My busy little helper. :)

This is our favorite picture of her because it's how we always see her - in motion.

Laughing at Mommy

The fake smile is still with us.
Guess we need to work on sitting like a young lady.

Love that nose.

Her pick of the patch.

Love to you all. I am headed to sleep!


Shower Photos

I have Blue in the swing almost asleep, and I am uploading pictures to Shutterfly. I came to the realization tonight that I haven't printed pictures since Sofie's first birthday! I hope to catch up on this during my late date nights with Blue this next week. :)

I came across these pics from my baby shower, and realized I never posted them. Thank you so much to all my friends that made this day special for me. It was THE best day of my whole pregnancy.

Milk chuggers. :)
I can't believe there was a baby in there!
Ebeth and I
MeShell my Bell

Faith, I have like 5 shots with you and you look gorgeous in each one, but I am making weird faces every time.

Looks like Blue is down. I am off! Hope you're all sleeping sweetly. Love to you all. Dee2

Keeping Company

What am I doing up at 2:30 am you ask?

Spending time with this fat rascal.
He has been awake since 10 pm, and is going strong. Grrr. Mommy is very tired, and trying not to have thoughts about leaving him in a basket on one of your doorsteps. ;)

So while he is awake, and determined to scream if I so much as look away I thought I'd post a few pictures. Please excuse my recent lack of blogging, and the haphazard fashion I will be presenting these pics. :)

Even though it's not a flattering picture of me - I like it! You can tell he looks like me. Heehee. Notice he has my chin, nose, lips, and eyes. He does have Daddy's creamy skin and brow, but who's keeping score?

The big sister with her super curly hair on the way to family game night.
Playing in the backyard after the rain. This is the big fake smile that drives me nuts. I am a mean Momma because I tell her I won't take her picture unless she smiles nice.
I tried getting her to say different words so she wouldn't CHEESE, but she over-thought it.
She's still the most beautiful girl in the world.

***Baby is yawning. I'm out of here. More pics when I have a moment to myself. Well. Hmm. I can't find that asterisk again so blah. Good night!