A month in pictures

Have I ever mentioned that I hate Colin the Computer more than Tori the Taurus? My lack of blogging, and other computer activities are directly related to the games Colin likes to play with us. His favorite game is to take 30+ minutes to open a browser window, and then freeze up if you are unlucky enough to open a pdf. Oh the joys.

So while he's behaving himself I thought I'd share some pics from the last 5 weeks.

Sofie is in LOVE with everything princess right now. Notice her long legs. She's had another growth spurt since this pic, and it's all in the legs. I think she looks like her cousin Brooke in this pic. They have matching Bad Butts. ;) Can you see her strength in this picture?
Sofie in her favorite chair. It's an egg shaped chair from Ikea that spins, and has a cover that pulls down so she can hide in there and read books (or sneak candy).

Next we have a little night time adventure. Sofie was having a difficult time falling asleep in the new house so I told her to pick out 2 stuffed animals to put in her bed. When I checked back on her this is what I found.

Most of her animals sleeping on the floor under Mommy's quilt.
M's puppy reading some library books.
A few bed friends for Mommy.
And one lucky bunny tucked in at her side: sweet sleep. Cute little moments like this make the terrible two's a lot more bearable.
Sofie playing in her laundry basket. When she wants to sneak out of bed at naptime or bedtime she puts the basket on her head, and tiptoes around the house thinking we can't see her. It's amazing. *That skinny arm is her fairy godmother visiting us. :)*

The two of us waking up.
She looks like a burst of sunshine in this picture. This is currently her only nightgown. She keeps telling me it is "too friggly" to wear. Who can argue with that?

We finally had some rain in Dallas today. My Mom found a cute rain jacket for Sofie so it was the perfect opportunity to get out and use it.

The curls were the first to go.
The hood came very quickly next.
Yummy rain water - eek!

The jacket had to come off because she was using it as a vessel to catch water. I'll have to work with her on the concept.
That's right she's in her panties, and the drying off towel is outside too. Eventually she wore me down, and was outback in the all together. I had to chase her down and drag her inside. Catching and holding onto a wet naked toddler is never graceful. I just hope the neighbors weren't looking out their windows.

These last pics are from a twilight walk we took around the neighborhood.

The swirls above her head came from the stick she's holding, and the red flashes on the ground are from her light-up shoes. You can see where she was hopping around during the long exposure time.

A touch of magic.

Daddy copying her silly posing.
Mommy couldn't resist either.
The red dots should tell you why I get more pics of where she was, rather than those with her in the frame.

I am going to crash in bed now before Colin gets any ideas. ;)

Love to you all, Dee2

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Mama Bear said...

I'm sorry I haven't been good about posting. It is going to be my goal of the month, to read the family blog and post more often. I love the picts of Sofie. I am sorry about your problem with Cory. I am having problem with Kelly (the keyboard) here, as well with Minnie (the mouse). Someone' little brother decided to disassemble a pen and use it to play with the space bar and rip it off the keyboard. arghhhhhhh. Love you honey bunny