August Pictures

I forgot to send pictures with yesterday's post so I thought I would give a brief run-down of August in pictures. :)

This is when my youngest brother, Tracy, visited. We miss him so much. He was such a sweet addition to our daily lives, and poor Sofie asks me everyday when Nana will bring him back. I miss having someone to play cards or video games with.
This is my Dad. We got to see him breifly before he had to ship out to Iraq.
This is M with the shaggy beach look I was telling you about. He cut his hair, and ooolala he looks nice. :)
Tracy has a giant apetite. ;)

The orange was from our trip to Central Market where we discovered Tracy has quite the expensive taste in foods, and that it only takes one hot and fresh Krispy Kreme (next door to the grocery store) donut to make a convert.

Big crocodile tears after being spanked for running away at the arboretum. She has such a free (read wild) spirit.

Nothing better than giant frogs squirting water at you when it's 100 degrees out.
The Crepe Myrtles are my favorite part of the aroboretum. Blossoms were wisping through the air as we walked through.
I was just as tempted as Sofie to pick all the flowers for myself. :D

This is me last Friday heading off to scrapbook with some friends.
This is what was at my feet begging me to take her swimming. She thinks if she gets totally ready that I HAVE to say yes. Pushy little thing.

Sofie is munching on an apple. I could use my own apple tree as the girl drinks apple juice for breakfast, has whole apples for snacks, and wants apple sauce with her meals.
Me looking crazy. :)

At my feet looking crazy. lol

Love you all, Dee2

An Update on the Everyday

It is hard to believe more than a month has passed since my last post. The year has passed so quickly barely touching down to leave an impression on my mind, and yet dragged its lame feet through the mediocrity and mundane details of my day to day life.

I shall start with an update on myself today, and hope that I don't sound too self-absorbed.

I am finding the burden of chronic illness too hard to bear of late. I cannot understand what I am supposed to learn from this. I don't like to be limited. I don't like needing help. I don't like the imperfection sickness brings into my life and home. I don't like weakness. Today I feel that a sore nose and shallow breaths could break my very spirit. Please pray that God will have mercy on me, and heal this wretched body. It wouldn't hurt to pray for my spirit as well.

In other news, the school year has started back up and M is teaching again. He seems delighted by the group of students assigned to him, and eager to dive into fractions and the scientific method. He does have some concerns that you could pray about. The administrators are significantly cutting into the mandated science instruction time with a disorganized morning assembly. His students must take state exams in science so his job performance, as well as the students education, are directly affected.

On the homefront, we have found a house in Lancaster. We are set to close Tuesday and hopefully move Wednesday. I will miss this beautiful apartment, but perhaps not walking up three flights of stairs with one arm full of grocery bags and dragging a reluctant toddler with the other. ;) More on this soon.

It has been an interesting month for Sofie. She does her best to live up to the terrible two's, but I must admit I admire her brilliance and athleticism.

Last night as we lay on the bed snuggling, I asked her to sing me a song. She sang her ABC's and then a garbled bit of twinkle twinkle little star. In turn, I sang her the song I made up for her. She said "Momma I like our song, I'm sleepy, I miss you until morning." Excuse my sniffles. We rarely have such tender moments with her. I hope that I can remember these, and not the crying screaming tantrums as she gets older.

I have been compiling a list of Sofie-isms to share with you. I hope you like them as much as we do because we aren't correcting her. :D They're just too cute.

1. "My tummy has the hip-ups" for hiccups.
2. "Sofie's hair is pretty, yours is straight. It's OK."
3. "Sofie is white, Momma is brown, Dada is orange." (He doesn't like this one as much as I do ;)
4. "Momma is my brother friend. Dada is a huuuge big girl." (Again, he didn't think it was as funny as I did. :)

I will save the rest for later so there is room to tell you about the smallest member of our family. She recently suffered through an "episode." I walked into my bedroom to find Mocha stretched across Sofie's lap as they both sat in the pool of curtains bathed in sunshine. I was so pleased as they've never been particularly fond of one another. I told Sofie how proud I was that she was being gentle with the cat. She said "Momma, Sofie needs tail too. You cut cat tail for me? OK. Thank you." She then made little snippy noises and motions across the cat's tail with her fingers. A bit shocked, I told her that we can't cut the cat's tail, she needs it like we need our legs. Thinking about it, Sofie declared "OK Momma. Sofie's not scared. Sofie cut tail. OK, thank you. Bye." Meanwhile, the dumbest of all animals, Mocha continued to lay draped across her lap purring. Needless to say, I have since hidden all the scissors, clippers, and knives.

Love to you all, Dee2