July is here

I wanted to share this link with you about Michael presenting at SPS, and Politics of the Spirit in October.


A family update:

Sofie's creeping hives are mostly gone after more than 2 weeks of itching, and diet change. We never tracked down the exact cause of the hives, but altering her diet seemed to help a lot. I have to say, I am so afraid of her food allergies. Please pray we narrow things down more.

She has been becoming exceedingly more gymnastic. I am hoping we can start attending some group classes at a local gym. She can do all sorts of tumbles and cartwheels, and she loves to jump off things and stick her landing. Pray for my downstairs neighbors. ;)

Michael is loving his summer job. He has been a total stand-out, and was even offered some job opportunities from competing principals after observing him at work.

He finished up his summer class, and is now free to work on the honey-do list. Joy unspeakable.

As for me, I am enjoying summer. I've been doing some reading, enjoying friends at a local scrapbook store, and I am getting together with someone from my church to start a small group for Moms to get together during the day to pray and share lunch.

Oh, I should mention Mocha. She is in the dog house. She viciously attacked me without provocation... Well, she viciously attacked me when I was innocently trying to pose her in a gift bag for pictures. :D But you should feel sorry for me, not her, as whatever is in her claws made me sick.

I hope you all are having a nice cat-free summer. Love to you all. Dee2


Anonymous said...

I am so proud of Michael! I am sorry about Sofie's hives. I know you have Amber's sympathy since she has been dealing with this issue since Michael was a baby. I just noticed the picture with the Psalm 139:14 on your page. How did you manage to find someone with my hair???? love you honey bunny, Momma Bear.

SandieShores said...

oh.. poor Mocha.. oooops, I mean poor Dee Dee!!! That is so funny!!