Summer Days

Time for a new family update:

I will tell you before-hand that it has been a difficult month for my family, and if you are down right now please give yourself a break and read this later.

My Dad is being sent back to Iraq. I wish the days of war were behind us, and yet I know they are ever-increasing. My prayers seem so small against the tides of hatred and injustice.

My oldest brother is in jail. I don't want to go into the details of that situation except to say that my heart breaks for his family.

Michael is job-hunting again. The summer program he has been working for doesn't have as many enrolled now compared to the beginning of the summer so there just aren't enough hours to fill his time. Please pray something comes through this week. He has put applications in several places the last two days.

If you've seen him recently you know he has let his hair grow out into the shaggy beach look. At first he was too busy to get it cut, but now there is suspicion that he is doing it to drive his poor wife crazy. ;)

Sofie continues to be plagued by hives and itching. There doesn't seem to be a definitive answer in that area. Please pray for her healing.

Let's see, she has also developed a great love for band-aids and medicine. I can only guess she is interested in how much attention she gets from us and our exaggerated responses to her cutting her foot etc. If anyone would like to become her colored band-aid supplier please let me know as she is trying to break the bank.

In other news, we are house-hunting. Our toddler's active lifestyle has become a burden to our (extremely annoying and loud) downstairs neighbors. She needs a yard to run wild in.

Trying to keep a two-year old from making noise is stressful and unfair. We have put an offer in on a house in the Lancaster/Red Oak area that Michael really likes. Please pray for us.

Mocha is of course dreading a switch in houses, as most cats would. She makes herself ill every time we move even if it is only a five minute drive. I keep in mind that we need a house with many warm sunny spots, and just the right amount of creepy crawly creatures coming in every once in a while.

As for me, I don't know where to start. I live in the land between not-enough-sleep and chronically sick. It shares a border with no free-time and always broke. lol What can I say? We need prayer all around. ;)

Here are some pictures of my rascal.

This was our day at the beach a.k.a. the porch, a beach ball, and a Sonic slushie. :)

This is after we played in the mirror. She changed her outfit several times, and let me tie her hair up. Aren't those sunglasses cute?

This is her fluttering around with wings after finally learning how to say butterfly. She's so beautiful and clever.

We love you all. We keep you in our prayers. Dee2

I've been meaning to tell you all..

The other day I was driving, and as I looked to my left I saw a man with an oversized bug-shield on his motorcycle.

I just can't understand motorcycles.

I can't understand why people would drive them. Wondering how to enter this mans mind, I looked over again. This time I noticed that he was wearing one of those blue medical masks that you see surgeons wearing on television.

Hmm. He must be taking precautionary measures against the exhaust or perhaps he has had one too many bugs fly into his mouth. I decided even though it wasn't very manly, I could respect someone who wasn't embarrassed to take on a little extra bug protection. I once had a bug fly into the back of my mouth while I was on a bicycle, and it was bad enough at a slow speed.

I looked over to give him some sort of a nod of affirmation (the official Dee Dee seal of approval), but I couldn't believe it.

I almost swerved into the concrete wall of the highway. Coming out from under his medical mask was a tube leading to an oxygen tank.

Like I said, I don't understand people who drive motorcycles. ;)

Anyway, here are some pictures of my sweet girl in her favorite imaginary characters: a lion and a pirate.

She basically runs around saying "arrgh" and wielding toys as swords. She learned about pirates on Sesame Street. Their brand of pirates are "Bookaneers," who check out books at the library as their booty. Sofie runs around and pinches your booty as her prize. lolPirate Sofie is definitely preferable to lion Sofie. As a lion she will run at your legs, and attack you as if you are a gazelle separated from the herd. Thanks for showing her documentaries Michael. ;)

Don't let your eyes stray to the pretty girl. This is actually Sofie forcing me to take a picture of her singing frog, Hop. She remonstrated him over and over to say CHEESE.
A close-up of the curls. I suspect this is where she gets her powers. A picture of her camel. You probably can't tell, but she is wearing three outfits because Mommy has quickly learned to choose her battles.
Aww, isn't she sweet? She told me she would take a picture if I gave her a cookie. What really happened is she stole my bag of cookies and hid them while I was deleting the pictures that didn't turn out. A true pirate at heart.

Love to you all, Dee Dee

July is here

I wanted to share this link with you about Michael presenting at SPS, and Politics of the Spirit in October.

A family update:

Sofie's creeping hives are mostly gone after more than 2 weeks of itching, and diet change. We never tracked down the exact cause of the hives, but altering her diet seemed to help a lot. I have to say, I am so afraid of her food allergies. Please pray we narrow things down more.

She has been becoming exceedingly more gymnastic. I am hoping we can start attending some group classes at a local gym. She can do all sorts of tumbles and cartwheels, and she loves to jump off things and stick her landing. Pray for my downstairs neighbors. ;)

Michael is loving his summer job. He has been a total stand-out, and was even offered some job opportunities from competing principals after observing him at work.

He finished up his summer class, and is now free to work on the honey-do list. Joy unspeakable.

As for me, I am enjoying summer. I've been doing some reading, enjoying friends at a local scrapbook store, and I am getting together with someone from my church to start a small group for Moms to get together during the day to pray and share lunch.

Oh, I should mention Mocha. She is in the dog house. She viciously attacked me without provocation... Well, she viciously attacked me when I was innocently trying to pose her in a gift bag for pictures. :D But you should feel sorry for me, not her, as whatever is in her claws made me sick.

I hope you all are having a nice cat-free summer. Love to you all. Dee2