We Haven't Killed Each Other Yet :)

I know, not the most romantic title. :) Here are some others we thought of..

1. I know where most of you were 6 years ago tomorrow.

2. If you haven't got a thank you card yet, it's time to give up.

3. If you haven't sent a present yet, it's not too late. ;)

4. Donkeys now trot where we tied the knot.

5. 1998 Hyundai Elantra: still part of the marriage. Barely...

6. First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes diapers, sleepless nights, potty training, Barney videos, and the slow push toward insanity.

7. We still like each other. :)

A little story for your amusement. When M and I were on our Honeymoon we stayed at an uber-fancy resort that only had valet parking. The aforementioned Elantra sported a pretty fancy squealing, squeaking, crunchy noise every time the car was put into drive. Even better, once you were in the car, the only way to get out was to roll the window down, and use the outside handle. This would probably have been valuable information for the valet who parked our car 12 times that week. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Love to you all. Michael and Dee2


Momma Bear said...

Can I be the first to wish you a Happy Anniversary? You two renew my faith in marriage. I really miss having you two here in Florida and wish you would just come on back. Pretty soon, its going to be just me and Q, ARGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

cubmom said...

Happy Anniversary!

My Michael and I will celebrate 6 years in September!