A small update:

Michael has secured a summer job through his District! He is one of very few who were selected so it is a bit of an honor. Many of you know that I have struggled with worry so much in the past, but I determined to trust that God would provide a job for Michael this summer without making myself ill with worry or endlessly searching. He has shown me His faithfulness *again*. I hope that this small example will help me to better trust Him in darker times.

My car is on the mend. Tori (the Taurus) has had some repair work done that has been ailing for a year, and is now being seen for some cosmetic work after a certain hubby dipped her nose into the back of another car. I hope to be a free woman by next week. Expect visits! :)

After a round of truly horrid antibiotics I, too, am on the mend. Sofie is still coughing, but she doesn't let that stop her from romping around the apartment like a wild animal and bossing me around.

Should I mention Mocha Roe? Hers is a very difficult life these days. There are 2 blackbirds that sit on a ledge outside our window everyday about noon and make taunting noises as she tries to sunbathe. The poor kitty is going mad trying to find a way outside. I hope she finds some solace in the 23 hours she sleeps each day...

Here are a couple of pictures of an album I made for Sofie last week.

That's it for now. Love to you all. Dee Squared

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SandieShores said...

I'm so glad Michael has secured a summer job and that you are on the mend. Here's to a great summer :)