Bear with Me

I had a dream last night. I know this is where most people stop reading. Please bear with me.

I dreamed that M, Sofie, and I were at a gymnastics meeting in a large concrete gym in the country. There was nothing in any direction for miles around. When the competition let out, about a hundred of us started pouring out of the gym. We were all startled by the swirling angry clouds.

It was clear that deadly weather was imminent.

Most of us ran back in the building with our children - terrified. M was not one of them. I ran back outside with Sofie to tell him to come inside. 20 men stood frozen in my path.

Directly in front of us was a pitch black storm descending from thousands of miles into the sky and stretching for miles across. Everywhere it touched the ground it sparked with hateful fire, and dull smoke swirled around its perimeter .

It was headed directly for us.

I could barely breathe. Two families jumped in their cars and tried to speed off. The monster storm sent tornados to snap them up.

I grabbed Sofie, who seemed unaware of the storm, and ran inside with Michael. People were cowering in fear and helplessness. The walls of the gym began to shake, and I sensed hopelessness.

A man called to us calmly. "Come sit. We are covering our children." With a curious peace, Michael and I walked over to this man and two women who were leaning over their three children younger than Sofie. I knelt down and covered Sofie and my lap. We all joined hands and began to pray.

Then it all went quiet.

A voice spoke to me. "The Lord is raging against the Earth. Flooding in the Midwest, earthquakes in the West, tsunamis in the East, blizzards in the North, and hurricanes in South. Do you think you can escape His wrath? Flee the coming wrath, turn to Him."

And then I woke up.

I don't know what to think. I am too skeptical. People speak of dreaming dreams, and I roll my eyes. They see angels, and I scoff. I doubt. I reason things away.

And yet, I can hardly ignore such a blatant message. Is He speaking to me? I can certainly do better. Obedience is hardly my strong suit.

Would he give me such a fearsome message to share with others? I fear for my friends and family who do not share my faith.

Pray for me today. Love to you all. Dee2

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SandieShores said...

I've read this post numerous times since you've published it, without knowing how to respond. I have no idea if it IS a message to you from Him, but I do know that if it is, He sent it to the right person. Your faith is strong enough to reach out to those of us who doubt too much.