Bear with Me

I had a dream last night. I know this is where most people stop reading. Please bear with me.

I dreamed that M, Sofie, and I were at a gymnastics meeting in a large concrete gym in the country. There was nothing in any direction for miles around. When the competition let out, about a hundred of us started pouring out of the gym. We were all startled by the swirling angry clouds.

It was clear that deadly weather was imminent.

Most of us ran back in the building with our children - terrified. M was not one of them. I ran back outside with Sofie to tell him to come inside. 20 men stood frozen in my path.

Directly in front of us was a pitch black storm descending from thousands of miles into the sky and stretching for miles across. Everywhere it touched the ground it sparked with hateful fire, and dull smoke swirled around its perimeter .

It was headed directly for us.

I could barely breathe. Two families jumped in their cars and tried to speed off. The monster storm sent tornados to snap them up.

I grabbed Sofie, who seemed unaware of the storm, and ran inside with Michael. People were cowering in fear and helplessness. The walls of the gym began to shake, and I sensed hopelessness.

A man called to us calmly. "Come sit. We are covering our children." With a curious peace, Michael and I walked over to this man and two women who were leaning over their three children younger than Sofie. I knelt down and covered Sofie and my lap. We all joined hands and began to pray.

Then it all went quiet.

A voice spoke to me. "The Lord is raging against the Earth. Flooding in the Midwest, earthquakes in the West, tsunamis in the East, blizzards in the North, and hurricanes in South. Do you think you can escape His wrath? Flee the coming wrath, turn to Him."

And then I woke up.

I don't know what to think. I am too skeptical. People speak of dreaming dreams, and I roll my eyes. They see angels, and I scoff. I doubt. I reason things away.

And yet, I can hardly ignore such a blatant message. Is He speaking to me? I can certainly do better. Obedience is hardly my strong suit.

Would he give me such a fearsome message to share with others? I fear for my friends and family who do not share my faith.

Pray for me today. Love to you all. Dee2

Oops! :)

That shelf post was meant for my other blog. I suppose I should update here since you now know I am around. :)

Let's see.

Sofie has creeping hives covering roughly 1/3 of her body. We're not sure what is going on with that. She may end up going back to the doctor. Please pray for her. She is very itchy and miserable.
Here's a pic.

We bought her a new car seat this week. It is pink, and does not yet have food growing on it. Ewwww. We had such high hopes of keeping our car nice after havig a child, but it is MUCH harder than you might imagine.

Weird, just realized her hives could possibly be connected to the new car seat. We'll have to check that out. Hmm...

Sofie stayed the day at Cheryti's for our anniversary Saturday. She has hardly talked about anything else all week. Cherry is fun. Cherry has donkeys. Cherry plays hippose. Cherry has Grace. (A girl, as well as the fruit of the Spirit.:) I don't think I can live up to all the fun they had, so hopefully she will be well enough to visit again soon.

Here's a happier picture of her.

M is still not feeling 100%, allergies and all that. He LOVES his summer job. It is so sweet to have him come home after having a good time each day. He is teaching math and science for the summer with some field trips and swimming thrown in. (Don't forget your sunblock M!) He says his kids are eager to be in the classroom which I know is a nice change.

Mocha seems happier. She caught a spider who sneaked in from the porch. It was quite the chase. I think it eases the pain of not being able to attack the birds who stare into the window.

Tori the Taurus is a mean little brat who refuses to be fixed. The check engine light came back on AGAIN. I can't win with this car. I am ready to just give up and sell it, but M still thinks he can conquer it. We shall see who is standing in the end.

As for me, I'm fine. Here's the short version.

Bronchitis: Better.
Hair: Relaxed.
Friends: Visited.
Church: Thoughtful.

I am looking for something to read if anyone has a suggestion. Nothing has been striking me lately.

Oh, and if you are going to Springfield soon I want to know more about possibly coming. :) Love to you all.


Clearing My Shelves

This week I made myself finish a couple of albums that have been lingering half-done on my shelves. (There are still several more.) I really love making album covers. :)

I went ahead and listed what I had on eBay, and re-listed some other albums at great prices to make way for more. :)

PFOP has a challenge coming up June 24th-30th. I plan to get working on that as soon as I get back from my mini-vacation. I have the idea in my head (pink and frilly!!) already so hopefully it will be quick work.

I don't have any new projects to share so I thought I'd show you a pic of my scrap space.

Yes, that's right I am standing on top of a table to get the picture. It was easier than moving the table. That's it. The whole of it. I just try to work on whatever surface I can secure that day. It could be a little neater, but the best way to do that is sell something so I try not to worry about it too much. Hope you like!

We Haven't Killed Each Other Yet :)

I know, not the most romantic title. :) Here are some others we thought of..

1. I know where most of you were 6 years ago tomorrow.

2. If you haven't got a thank you card yet, it's time to give up.

3. If you haven't sent a present yet, it's not too late. ;)

4. Donkeys now trot where we tied the knot.

5. 1998 Hyundai Elantra: still part of the marriage. Barely...

6. First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes diapers, sleepless nights, potty training, Barney videos, and the slow push toward insanity.

7. We still like each other. :)

A little story for your amusement. When M and I were on our Honeymoon we stayed at an uber-fancy resort that only had valet parking. The aforementioned Elantra sported a pretty fancy squealing, squeaking, crunchy noise every time the car was put into drive. Even better, once you were in the car, the only way to get out was to roll the window down, and use the outside handle. This would probably have been valuable information for the valet who parked our car 12 times that week. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Love to you all. Michael and Dee2


A small update:

Michael has secured a summer job through his District! He is one of very few who were selected so it is a bit of an honor. Many of you know that I have struggled with worry so much in the past, but I determined to trust that God would provide a job for Michael this summer without making myself ill with worry or endlessly searching. He has shown me His faithfulness *again*. I hope that this small example will help me to better trust Him in darker times.

My car is on the mend. Tori (the Taurus) has had some repair work done that has been ailing for a year, and is now being seen for some cosmetic work after a certain hubby dipped her nose into the back of another car. I hope to be a free woman by next week. Expect visits! :)

After a round of truly horrid antibiotics I, too, am on the mend. Sofie is still coughing, but she doesn't let that stop her from romping around the apartment like a wild animal and bossing me around.

Should I mention Mocha Roe? Hers is a very difficult life these days. There are 2 blackbirds that sit on a ledge outside our window everyday about noon and make taunting noises as she tries to sunbathe. The poor kitty is going mad trying to find a way outside. I hope she finds some solace in the 23 hours she sleeps each day...

Here are a couple of pictures of an album I made for Sofie last week.

That's it for now. Love to you all. Dee Squared