Natural Soap that won't break out my skin $5

Lip Balm that actually works: $6

A Loofah that hasn't been dragged around by the cat or toddler: $3

My Favorite Magazine $4

10 minutes to myself with the door closed: PRICELESS.

I don't often get to buy things for myself so today was nice. I sold a book to a friend, and didn't have to pay ebay fees so it was a chance to buy something usually out of the budget. :) Yum, now I smell like grapefruit.


SandieShores said...

I'll take the 10 minutes and leave the rest :) Isn't silence wonderful at times.

cubmom said...

So glad I took the time to see if you had posted anything...miss chatting, but LOVE the updates! Keep them coming, I'll do my best to do the same!