Scones, Shoes, and Keys

Howdy! I thought I'd share these pics from February. :)

This is Sofie helping Momma makes tea and scones. I say this is all Faith's influence. :) Below is the curly-headed mischief maker climbing on the desk to get my lemonade.

Looking back Sofie can't even fit these clothes anymore. She's growing so fast.
Nothing new to report today. We visited the doctor and Cheryti. Lost a shoe at the first place, and my keys at the next. I'm ready for a nap! :) Love to you all. Dee Dee


SandieShores said...

You need to get her a cute chef hat and apron!!

It won't be long until she's telling you how to make scones... as you'll have been doing them wrong all this time, LOL!!

Kris said...

Look at the eyelashes!