Pretty Hair

I wanted to share these pictures from April.

This is Sofie opening her Easter basket.

We found a really inexpensive tea set for her at the outlet stores in Hillsboro. She was so excited. It's something she likes to do with me everyday. She is learning to pour, and why we don't eat from the sugar bowl. :)

She told me she was sad right before I took this picture. I asked her why and she said "I don't want my hair pretty." lol She never wants me to touch it, but I had it tied up so it wouldn't fall in her cereal. :)

Sitting with Daddy. Notice she let him put a barrette in her hair!

We're sitting in the giant bird's nest at the zoo. Can you tell she doesn't want to stop to pose for a picture?

Daddy after a couple minutes of creative play. Yes, those are sparkly bracelets he is reluctantly wearing. :)

Michael taught Sofie about echoes yesterday. So now I have an echo following me around everywhere. I'm sure that will be fun next week. ;)
Love to you all, Dee2

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