Sofie in her new nightgown. You can kind of see how light her hair is in this picture. Should I even comment on her expression?

She informed Michael and I this week, that she does NOT like pink. She likes BLUE (which is actually purple). Sigh. She needed new clothes anyway since she has hit a growth spurt, so yesterday she picked out 3 purple shirts and this sweet red nightgown.

The 4 dozen roses I got 4 Mother's day. Aren't they sweet? Costco had them at such reasonable prices! I was terribly sick on Mother's Day, but Michael was wonderful and took care of me. Sofie did everything she could to try to get me to hop on the bed with her, but I managed to lay there moaning anyway. :)

This is Sofie playing in my craft cart. She loves to hide and play in tiny spaces. Cute unless you were doing the dishes and she disappeared, and wouldn't answer your calls. ;)

I'll try to get some pictures of Michael and I next time. :)

Love to all my family and friends. More updates soon!


Anonymous said...

I don't really like pink either, godchild. ;P

SandieShores said...

Fantast post. Wow, Sofie is getting so grown up looking!! Your roses are gorgeous, can't recall the last time I got flowers :(

Looking forward to seeing more :)

Anonymous said...

Tell Sofie that Nana will still occasionally send her stuff with pink it. I think Kyrstyn whispered it into her ear how much Nana likes to send little girls pink stuff. I sure do miss her. The roses were beautiful. My favorite gift for mothers day was an Itunes card I received from one of my precious children :)

Momma Bear