Daddy Dates

I have so many pictures to sort through and share with you all. This first one is one of my favorite things Sofie does around the house. She saw a Word World episode about a robot so she loves to pretend to be one. This is her self-proclaimed "Robot Baby." If only I had been able to catch a picture of poor "Robot Cat."

For the last month, Michael has been taking Sofie to the zoo Saturday Mornings. I am sure this is a secret plot to win her devotion, but who wouldn't want 3 hours to of quiet? ;) They both seem to LOVE spending the time together. It makes me very happy because she was sure missing her Daddy after the last very busy semester.

Each trip starts with a trip to get an Icee which Sofie will NOT share so if you want one, buy your own (and be quick about drinking it if you don't want her coming after yours too :).
Her favorite animal is the penguin. Her made-up word for them is Emmys. :) We have no idea why. (Very similar to the phenomenon of calling my brother Tracy "Wish" for no apparent reason.) She loves how they waddle and splash. You might want to YouTube Pingu to see how she fell in love with penguins.

This is a giant egg in the zoo playground. A rare opportunity to see her sitting still.

Aww isn't she beautiful? She is riding the Elephant statues outside of the zoo. It makes her top 5 list of why to go to the zoo: 1. Icee, 2. Penguin, 3. Pig, 4. Sticks, 5. Elephant Statue. So basically 80% of what she enjoys can be done in the parking lot. :)

So how is life in the Roe Boat?

M is finishing up one class and working on our ailing cars. He is hunting for a summer job so if you know of anything available please LMK. He says nothing is too humble. :) His 5th graders are starting to get antsy about the school year winding down. He has been rewarding good behavior with Dodge Ball at the end of the day. Somehow I think I would have found that as more of a punishment in my time. :)

Sofie has been growing by leaps and bounds. She is now wearing a size 7 shoe, and has finally grown into her 2T pants. I think she is destined to be short like her Momma.

I have been working with her on her letters. She can say and recognize them all. We are working on singing the alphabet song and writing letters. She can write an S and an O, and she is very proud when people recognize them. I am shooting for learning to write her name first.

We are making good strides with her behavior. She is saying sorry with much less drama, and seems to be genuinely remorseful at times. She also sometimes comes when I call her. lol I know some of you have wonderfully obedient children, but I am very proud of my BadButt choosing to be submissive against her own nature. I have great hopes that she will submit to Christ at a young age.

I have spent the last several months focused on building a customer base for selling my scrapbooks on ebay. I hoped to find a way to be home with Sofie, and still pay down my student loan. I've been moderately successful, and really enjoyed developing my creative side. :) I also opened a shop on Etsy this week. It is a site for people to buy and sell handmade things. You can actually make a request for anything handmade on there. I want to see if someone can make me giant sheer curtains with an owl embroidered on them. M said he wants to request someone build him a car that runs on air. He just doesn't get it. ;)

That's probably enough for today. For those of you who have been concerned, I slept a bit better last night. Thank you for your prayers and concern.

Love to you all. The Roeboats

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SandieShores said...

Wonderful post Dee Dee!! Love all the pictures of Sofie.. again, she's getting so grown up. You are doing such a fantastic job teaching her new things. I am rooting for her be the first Dec (well, you'll always be Dec!) baby to write their name!!

Just as your little badbutt is turning her behaviour around, so is my little wonderfully behaved princess. We are living in hissy fit city lately :( Sad to see, and entirely her daddy's fault ;)

Way to go on etsy!! Thought you'd never set up shop ;) I hope you make your first million, LOL!!