Brotherly Love

So this is me and my older brother Chris. The 15 year thorn in my side, lol. He probably thinks the same thing. :) Aren't we cute? Much more tame than years gone by.

I remember how fun I thought it was to lock myself in my room, and get on the phone when he was trying to talk to a girl on the line. Even now it makes me chuckle. "Did you know Chris liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikes you? He wrote your name on his waaaaaall."

See my brother there on the left with the fancy blue stripe across his shirt. I think he liked the girl with the long dark hair next to him. He was so excited about having a picture of her, and I teased him mercilessly.

To be fair, he used to blame me for breaking things when he really did, and he would always wait to the very last possible second to start his chores before my Dad came home so we would both wind up in trouble.

I can't remember exactly what I was supposed to be in that pic. Maybe a punk rocker?

This is me in 8th grade and Chris in 9th. Those years were nicer to him than me! At least we both suffered through the funky sweaters together. :)

The confused years. ;)

I do remember a time when I was curled on the floor crying my heart out, and he picked me up and took me to his room and told me it would be okay. So I forgive him for most everything. :) Maybe not for dissecting all my baby dolls when we were little, and undressing all my Barbies when we were older. lol


This is me and my sister on my wedding day. It is nice to have a sister that you can call and confirm that it is your *parents* that were crazy. :)

As children, my sister and I were quite the handful. Mom, just because you're posing doesn't mean that we are.

This is my sister smiling with glee while holding up a present. Don't let that missing tooth stop you!
He we are in our Smurf pj's and cowboy hats. Our Dad sold those hats which came in these large shipping boxes. He would make mazes out of the boxes for us to navigate and play in.

We loved playing on this pool table. My Dad converted the master bedroom into a game room. He would put the mattress on top of the pool table to sleep on at night. When guests would come over, he would move the mattress into his closet. If you look closely enough in the picture, you will see my Dad's sense of humor.


So to all of you who have a brother or sister, I hope you will get in touch with them after reading this. At the very least you should be glad you didn't have us as as your wicked siblings. :)

Love to you all, Dee2 and Michael

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SandieShores said...

oh! And you do NOT look like him!!