I am the evil twin

I have a new blog: brownpaperpackaging.blogspot.com. It's more of a creative blog, an intentionally positive perspective from someone who often fails to see that side of life.

Hmm, an update.

I am enjoying my church. There are still issues to be worked through on that front, but I can't complain about the beautiful music that is sung by a mix of ethnicities. I am relieved not to have to keep up with the high-pitched squeals of an all white female worship team. (Ouch, I know that is not very nice of me.)

The sermons have met my expectations. I have found them challenging, comforting, and Biblical. Whew! Each time I go, I fear having to endure the opposite.

I suspect it will take a long time for me to trust a pastor or church again. I don't know. Mayhaps I should have always approached this endeavor with cautious cynicism.

Sigh, I don't know when my personality changed so much. I know this part of me has always existed, but it was more of an evil twin only coming out of the woodwork on occassional moments. Eed Eed has taken over. ;)