B is for budget

So I just sat down and resurrected our budget that we're supposed to be living on.

If you guessed I am depressed about it, you're right.

It seems no matter what I give up society swindles me into wanting something else.

I want. I want! I WANT! It's like being two all over again.

I don't like to live on a budget. I don't like to have my life scheduled.

I take no comfort in thinking of the bigger picture.

The truth is the bigger picture would show a heart diseased with selfishness, impatience, and immaturity.

God forgive me. I was so happy to know your will, and then mad at the road I must follow to get there.

I don't want my apetite to increase every time more is available to me.

Teach me to be satisfied with what I have.

You are enough.


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