We are attending our old church. It is painful to me every time I go. Old friends have fallen away from the faith. Old wounds nag at me begging to be picked back up. I feel old, older every day. I see people doling out the same milk and cookies, starving people of deep spiritual nourishment and I just wonder where the energy and wisdom to fight this battle will come from. Is it even my battle?

We are having the worst time finding M. a job. It has been utterly miserable. Stress and worry consumed my mind for many weeks, but I am renewing my hope in the Lord. He is faithful when I am not.

It has been hard to reconnect with my other friends. They are busy and their lives are filled to overflowing. I love them and keep them in my prayers.

Michael and I are growing in our relationship - this mostly comes with conflict, but it is healthy growth. I learn so much just having to live peaceably with another person everyday. I weary of sin when I think of how frustrating it must be for God to continually forgive the attitudes of my heart.

Well I intended to write more positive things, but my child has just had an episode of projectile vomiting so I need to go work that out.