Late Night Randomness

It's late (to some people), and I am up as usual. While all the people I know in many different time zones sleep, my mind prowls around looking for things to devour: a book, a magazine, a game. How much sleep do you people need?!? What could I accomplish with this time I am forced to quietly await the surrender of my mind to its body? A psychologist once told me that needing little sleep and having a high IQ are related. I have a hard time buying that seeing as so much crime is committed at night. Perhaps I would make a good criminal...

On another note, my days are bogged down with diapers and dirty laundry. Necessary and important, yet so unmeaningful and temporary. How can I squeeze a drop of significance out of my day?

I don't suppose I want any answers. After all you were probably asleep when I wrote this and we all know what that means... ;)

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