The First Birthday

Thank you all for the thoughtful birthday wishes.

Thumper spent a very quiet first birthday with her momma playing dress up. It was made even more enjoyable by the flailing arms and wiggly bottom.

We had a lovely lunch with Daddy where she got to practice her throwing skills.

She took a ride in a shopping cart and worked on her vocals. Many old women were charmed by her LOUD "hello" and one whiskered old man was surprised to be called "Cat" very loudly ... dozens of times.

She received many phone calls to wish her Happy Birthday and to sing her the birthday song. All of which she promptly hung up on as babies tend to do with flip phones.

There was cake, but that was not received nearly so well as the cat throw-up. What is a mom to do when she discovers her baby eating that? Call Daddy of course so he can share in the horror. (Nana suggested getting it on tape, but I decided seeing it once was more than enough.)

As for presents Sofie had long since sneaked into mommies drawer and ripped open the curiosity of sparkly wrapping paper - which of course has been played with far more times than the $30 gift inside.

There were tears all around. Daddy sadly realized Sofie is not a baby anymore. Sofie happily realized we get to do this all over again Saturday. Mommy realized she had a big mess to clean up. And poor Mocha, the cat, realized Sofie will be staying with us indefinitely...

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