8 days to find the best place in the world

8 days to find the best place in the world

8 days to find the best place in the world

Day 1:

I am a planner. I make lists. I make schedules. I like to check things off.

Fill cat food - check.
Pack car - check.
Gas in car - check.
MIL show up 5 seconds before I drive off? Nope, not on the schedule.

2 hours and 2 headaches later we're on the road. Hmm, where is the stylus to my Nintendo DS? Guess I need to add stop at Walmart to the list. ;)

Day 2:

My heart is fluttering. Hubby is being so charming. The kind of charm men exhibit while still dating. A touch here, a kiss there.

We stop somewhere in Ohio. The beauty of the tiered downtown captivates us. I have this wild crazy feeling that we could live here, but I think that must be hormones talking. They are telling me to keep hubby away from work forever, to let all the dark places of my soul bask in his light.

Seeing Trader Joes we stop for organic cookies and peppermint toothpaste. Yum! Spotting Chipotle we buy Thumper her first burrito that is bigger than her head. This day feels like an adventure pulled out of story you long to think is real. It is real. I have a wonderful husband and a beautiful daughter who both adore me and fill my heart.

Day 3:

I'm hungry. The kind of hungry that makes you grumpy and snappy. The last food place we saw was 70 miles back. Will I die of hunger in this frozen tundra?

5 minutes later. We got a speeding ticket. I haven't cussed in a long long time, but it seems appropriate now.

We're here.

Thumper is being such a good girl. Going to everyone. Talking, using all her words. Dada - up! Mama - boobies! Cat -lubyou. Is everyone this amazed with their own child? Or is it just possible I have THE most amazing and beautiful child ever?

Day 4:

It is Christmas and I have the flu. Chills, throwing up, 104 fever. I suppose I'll get to visit the local emergency room after all.

Day 5:

A visit to my Nana and Papa. They are on their last leg. It is time to pass the baton onto us this next generation, but I don't want them to let go. I don't trust our wisdom. We don't write enough thank you cards. We don't remember birthdays like we should. No one disciplines their children anymore. Perhaps they are just as scared to let go. They have met Thumper and cried that there is hope for a future generation to get things right.

I don't want them to go. I don't want to see my own parents take thier place as ... old. I don't want to be middle-aged. I want all the possibilities of life to lay ahead of me, but they become more narrow each year.

Watching Christmas movies, eating Christmas cookies, and enjoying Christmas gifts. These will be good memories. I will be proud to tell Thumper how well behaved he was her first Christmas sharing her toys with her cousins, but not her cookies. Guess I passed on my sweet tooth.

Day 6:

We leave family in search of the majesty of God's creation. We see mighty mountains and soft snowfall. Everything delights us. We play an impomptu game of snow tag where we try to put more footprints in the snow than the other. I lose the game, but shiver with joy. My life is so good.

At Niagara Falls hubby is content to ponder the power and awesomeness of the falls. Thumper and I find ourselves preoccupied with the freezing sleet and pelting hail. I suppose we are both cursed with a streak of realism.

The ride home is not as easy as the ride there. Thumper is playing a game called 1000 and 1 ways to get out of my car seat. Unbuckle it, poopy diaper, throw-up, shriek for an hour, choke on a froot loop, and many variations of the same.

Day 7:

I have had 4 or 5 hours sleep since day 1. The thrill of wearing the same clothes for 2 days and not brushing my teeth in 24 hours is wearing off.

We are creating games to help keep each other awake.
Game #1: How many booger pickers in nearby cars can we find in the next 5 minutes? 46!
Game #2: How much money would you pay to be home right now? Only $100 as our funds are dwindling. If we could use fantasy money I would have gone much higher. Hubby declares he wouldn't give up one single second of having my attention all to himself and I am as euphoric as day 2.
Game #3: The alphabet game. I am so good at this hubby wants to cheat. Shameful really.
Game #4: What would have to be happening in the car next to us for you to call the police? This game is really only fun when fueled with delerium.

Day 8:
It is 1 am and we are home. Hmm ... apparently while we were gone a golden retreiver moved to our porch. After helping her bed down for the night we go to sleep in our own bed for the first time in 8 days and I realize there is no better place in the world. Even a stray dog thinks so.

A Rare Sense Of Accomplishment

Without any help, I fixed a computer related problem I was having. I had already had a friend that is a computer technician give it a looksee and he wasn't able to find the problem.

I didn't think I could do it.

But I did.

I usually just deal in words and relationships, numbers and logic.

I am not into technology. I don't even know what the heck all those buttons on my remote are for.

Doing this on my own just made me feel ...


Free to defy people's expectations of me.

Free to try something I'm not typically good at.

Free to be completely amazing.

I Wrote a Poem For You

I Wrote a Poem For You

I Wrote a Poem For You

I wrote a poem for you blog,

but it turned out too personal.

Too pointed.

They would "know."

They would shake their heads,

instead of their fists.

They would feel awkward

instead of compassionate.

And either way

I would be