Selling the crap out of my crap

That might sound crass, but it's stuck with me. I was browsing around the Invisible Children website wondering what else I can do and stumbled upon that phrase.

So, I'm going to do it. As of today I am finally picking up all the extra stuff I just don't need and putting it in a box to sell or give away. All profits will be given to the Invisible Children.

You might think this is Spring cleaning, but then - you don't know me. I am anti-pack rat.

I am talking about getting rid of the little additives that we Americans think are necessary ... like the third can opener, and the clock in the living room.

I am sick to death (spiritually) of convenience.

I am tired of keeping up with the Jones's, and honestly most of my friends and family too.

I just don't need the stuff (crap!) more than the Invisible Children need a safe place to live. I don't need comfort more than children need food and water.

I don't need to impress you.

The Jones's don't care about me.

And God, well I'm pretty sure He wants me to stop serving two masters.

So, if you need the crap please come buy it from me. I have way too much.

Matthew 6:24

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