The Last Couple of Months

I have taken recent pics of Sofie, but have neither the time or the money to develop them. Hope to do so soon. She is beautiful and amazing. She can walk now. The threat level has been updated to orange.

I haven't been writing since I moved here. It has been too crazy. There is also the issue of not having the perfect journal. I always have to find the journal with just the right feel to it. The feel is always different, but one that encourages me to pour out the depths of my heart and wit. Less of the latter. The world just isn't ready.

I am in a gulley - not a desert. It's not dry here; it just seems that trials and obstacles have slowly worn a gaping hole in my faith and perseverance. How do I keep a flame burning in a hurricane? I don't want to take the metaphors too far. I just want to tell someone (anyone) that Christians disappoint me. I disappoint me. Our love for sin and self disappoint me. Most of all my infinitesimal disappointment and consciousness of sin shames me.

Anyway, I will save the majority of my thoughts for the previously mentioned journal.

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