Pictures from July 3rd and 4th

Sofie Sprouted Wings

Where to go...

Conscientious Objectors to Independence Day

Sofie and Daddy

I graduated summa cum laude and all I got was this lousy tassel. :)

The explanation I was getting to

The Explanation I Was Getting To

I haven't talked to any of you since my last post. Hope did call, but I continue to fail at returning phone calls. *Hint - calling my house phone is the real solution because my cell phone doesn't work in my apartment and I never leave these days.* Sigh. I am tired.

Back to the point, we are moving back to Dallas. This all started with a suggestion by a certain Quentin McGhee. We were not totally convinced by his angle on things, but then we found out that Michael's mom was really struggling. Sigh. Then I found out Hope and Faith were moving back to Dallas. Which made me like the idea. Then I remembered how there are lots of yummy restaurants I like in Dallas. Yea! Then I also remembered my frustration with aspects of church in Dallas. Big sigh.

As you can see, I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. I am surprisingly not too upset about not going to AGTS. It had been the plan for so long, but I am more flexible than I have been in times past.

I am feeling better about the decision as we have found a house to rent in Red Oak and Michael has secured a temporary job until he can find a job teaching. I am a little relieved that he is going to teach. We have been offered so many pastoral positions these last couple of months, but I keep dreading the idea of working so closely with a church again.

More on those thoughts later or in person.

I miss my "Dallas friends" so much. I wish I could have shared more of the last 2 years with you all.

And yet ... some of you FL friends have been just what I needed to see my own faults, sins, and blind spots. I am less self-absorbed, less materialistic, less criticizing, and more loving because of your godly influence.

I wouldn't trade the experience of Southeastern (well, I could be persuaded to go back and skip a couple more classes) and yet I am sad to have been through some things that were so special without my older friends.

Enough. I am tired. I hope to see some of you before I leave and others the MOMENT I arrive back. :) Pictures coming soon.