1st Pediatrician Visit


We left the hospital at 11 p.m. on the 11th and had our first pediatrician appointment the morning of the 12th at 11:10 am.

First of all, Michael and I are sleep deprived and a "little" delirious when we get up. Then I realize I have only given myself enough time to get myself ready and forgot to factor in time to get the baby ready for the day. So instead of showering, brushing my teeth, or doing something with my now crazy hair - I must get Thumper changed, dressed, and fed.

Okay, I also forgot that I am now down quite a few sizes so I am wearing maternity pants held up by duct tape! That's right I have nothing that fits except pajamas. I try to put this behind me as my husband is starting to look like a wild bush man and surely I can't look that bad. :)

Well we get to the office about 22 minutes late (who knew the new daddy would drive like an old granny now that we have a baby in the car?)

My husband is nervous and announces "this is our first day" to the
secretary who has no idea what he is talking about and anyway it is not our first day Thumper is almost five days old. I find this very funny and start giggling. (Again remember we've had no sleep this week.)

We get called into the back by the nurse and she asks us to strip the baby down and bring her to the scale to be weighed.

Well, we try to take off her clothes, but I can't get the onesie past her big head... turns out that when dressing her I have actually put her head through the arm sleeve (which shouldn't be so big if you don't want to confuse new mommies) and one arm has been trapped inside her shirt. The nurse shakes her head a little, but waits patiently while we get past this.

Then surprise! Thumper has a very dirty diaper. You do remember that I changed her right before we left the house right? Well, I ask if she can hold on while we change her real
quick and she is now tapping her foot a little.

We pull out our diaper bag full of new baby products and guess what? We can't get the diaper wipes out of the plastic wrap (do diaper wipes really need to be locked up like Fort Knox?). The smirking nurse is now sent to retrieve us some scissors.

Okay, back on track we get the wipes open (brand new pack mind you) and they are completely dry! We are EXTREMELY embarrassed and are trying to hide this from the nurse who is starting to smile a little.

We give a valiant effort at wiping her sticky little butt with dry wipes, but nothing is moving. The evil nurse is now hiding her mouth behind her hand and shaking a little at the shoulders.

She has mercy on us and suggests we drip a little water on the wipes from the sink that has been hiding behind us. We do this and manage to get Thumper's little butt clean and
not too much leakage on ourselves.

While I am washing my hands, Michael goes to put the diaper on the baby and while my back is turned the nurse starts a little fit of giggles. I turn around and see that Michael has put the diaper on backwards. Come on! He has practiced this dozens of times in the hospital. I tell him to switch it around and he does while I grab the diaper bag.

Now the nurse has stepped out of the room and is laughing uncontrollably. I look over and the diaper is just hanging off of Thumper's right foot because her daddy put it on so loose!

Is there any chance that she did not talk about us the whole rest of the day? I think we were lucky no one tried to take her from us!

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