A Loss of Depth

I'm currently reading The Gutenberg Elegies by Sven Birkerts

"We are experiencing in our times a loss of depth. Indeed, we tend to act embarrassed around those once-frieghted terms - truth, meaning, soul, destiny... We suspect the people who use such words of being soft and nostalgic. We prefer the deflating one-liner that reassures us that nothing need be taken seriously; we inhale the atmospheres of irony."

I long for challenging conversations and deeper understanding. I'm not sure if I was meant for more, but I am demanding it anyway. There is more to life than frivolity and pleasure, and more to life than work and suffering too. I've found a new small group and hope that these ladies will be willing to cast of atmospheres of irony with me and pursue truth and depth. 

It is Thanksgiving break and I am nesting. Decluttering. Preparing. I had a doctor's appointment Thursday past. The doctor said Thumper may be a tall girl. I pray that she is tall and healthy and full of joy. 

It's nearly Thanksgiving and time to share a meal with my extended family. I'm thankful for this time in FL and already find myself mourning knowing a time will come when we leave here. Leaving behind large pieces of my heart. 

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