I had a doctor's appointment today. Each appointment is a reminder that the entire essence of my life is soon to change. I have about 9 weeks of pregnancy left. 9 weeks in this unique season where I am a mother, but haven't yet held my daughter nor yet the full understanding of what motherhood is. 

We received a sample package with two newborn diapers in the mail. My husband and I marveled at how small and fragile this new life will be. How fragile our hopes and expectations are. I'm thankful for her twisting and kicking that soothes my worries.

We picked out a crib set we picked out for her today. I spend so much time investing in every detail of her environment and dreaming of what her life will be. I have to remind myself that she ultimately belongs to God. That His plans will prevail. Motherhood is reshaping and maturing my blind spots. God help me to nurture and love this child, and to point her to your goodness. 

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